Holy Shit. What a month.

well, things have changed, x is outta the picture, y and i are happier together than a and b.
i live somehwere diiferent
i lost family
i lost friends
i lost animals
i lost a lot

i gained more
ive learned

honesltly when shit hit the fan, i shoulda shut this thing down, but i didnt (dunno if im proud or not) because i love “April Untitled” because its mine

and its me

basically, ive learned to quit.
oh and that quitting is a-okay
better still is to say no, but quitting, oh thats some soul medicine right there, you signed on for something you coulnt do, so just erase your name and be done with it, then go take a bubble bath

also, i suck ass with rigid systems, ive always kinda known this, but been a victom of procrastination
i dont think procrastination is real any more
its just your own thoughts of unworthiness getting in the way
dont let it
your worth it
your so much more than worth it

it seems auspicious to me that i have exactly 21 posts, its kinda perfect, cuz the 21st was my birthday
i think everything has worked out on this blog better than i ever could have imagined

ill cherish it forever

fuck you wordpress, and good-night!


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