The Word on my Wrist, and The Grand Before.


Or in less pretentious terms, this is my bio page.

Where to begin?
Well, I’m currently a 16-something female, but this will change over the course of the month (April 21st to be exact) and this blog will serve as a vessel for my musing’s, ranting’s, and other relatable, lengthy and incredibly pointless muttering’s of a self proclaimed “Mad Woman”. It will also serve as a tool in a month long self-discovery adventure, my hiking pack if you will. Original I know, a teenager finding themselves.

Now, onto other Frequently Asked Questions, that no one has actually asked because this is the first installment of this publication.

What’s Up With The Name?

Yes, I understand that the whole theme of this is based upon words, which are pretty much fragments of names, and names and titles are synonyms so really in a way I’m spending the month titling, labeling, and “finding my word” (shout out to Eat Pray Love fans!) yeah I get that, it’s ironic okay? Also it sounds cool, say it out loud a coupla times. alpriluntitledaprilubtitledaprilubtitled. It sounds good right? Don’t answer that. Also, in a way it’s incredibly fitting, because the word I chose to write on my wrist will not be my title, my name, or my label, even for that day, it will simply be my focus.

How Am I Diagnosing My Daily Word?
Hopefully through meditation, which I will do every morning over the course of the month. The idea is that when my relentless stream of thoughts finally comes to a peaceful stop and my soul has a chance to breathe it will whisper a word, and that word I will then write upon my wrist.  I don’t want to plan for failure, but if the monkey mind won’t stop I’m thinking the process of selecting a word will have something to do with Popsicle sticks, a blind fold, and a mason jar.

How Does This Whole Thing Work Anyhow?

Well, every morning I will wake up, say a prayer (too who ever the hell you want me pray too, I really don’t care) for my word, and then in meditation it will be revealed to me. I will then, with my trusty, dusty,  sea-foam  phytoplankton green Sharpie, write this word on my wrist, someday throughout the day, I have to go outside, and take a picture of my wrist, because I need to go outside more, and also it’ll be cool to see the landscape change over the coarse of the month. At the end of the day, I will chronicle my experience here. Muse, Rant, and Mutter, about what happened on the day, and what that word means to me. Every. Single. Day. This may be the biggest commitment I’ve ever made in my entire life. No pre-writing aloud, or post-writing or that matter. If I’m with friends and they think it’s weird, oh well- I gotta do it.

What’s With You and Capital Letters?
I like ’em okay? Deal.

Why Are You So Snarky?
Well, mostly because I’m all out terrified of this whole thing. Firstly, people are gunna see words on my wrist: they’re probably gunna think I’m weird. Secondly, somebody I know might read this blog: they might hate it, even worse they might love it! Eep! Thirdly, this is all actually being written under my true name – Charmaine Nordtvet, rather than one of my many on-line aliases, whose sunglasses and wig I use to hide my identity and reveal my true nature with. Fourthly, these writings are probably going to seem horrifically childish two months from now, and I’m not looking forward to cringing as I reflect on my (published!!!) writings. Fifth, I’m almost guaranteed to make a ton of spelling mistakes. Lastly, what if this doesn’t bring me any closer to myself? And was just a really stupid idea? Oh well, fears aside, upward and onward,TO INFINITY (or at least that publish button) AND BEYOND!

*don’t judge the spelling or grammar, if I edit this thing I’m not ever gunna publish it.


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